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RM-800 Contrast Sensitivity Function Tester
RM-800 Contrast Sensitivity function tester, the third generation product of contrast sensitivity series in Wenzhou Raymond Tech. Co.Ltd, has a series of authentic data ,which is widely used in clinical medicine and scientific research. As a detecting vector, RM800’s data is not only published in domestic journal articles, but also published in international core journal paper of SCI series.

 Main functions:

1:Contrast sensitivity function test(CS).

2:Dark adaptation test.

3:CS range diagram.

4:Long/short distance contrast sensitivity test.

5:Light/dark environment sensitivity test.


Main clinical applications: 

1:Test human eyes’ CS function in different luminance and contrast;Apply to excimer operation and IOL. 

2:Necessary in Dark adaptation test, eye test of sailors and drivers, and physical examination.

3:Sensitive to glaucoma, macula disease, diabetic retinopathy, optic nerve diseases and amblyopia.  
:Light/dark environment and long/short distance contrast sensitivity test.



1:Spatial frequency range: 1.8;3;6;12;18;24(Unit:CPD

2 CSrange:1%-100% 9gears

   3:Simulation test distance: Distant(Standard) 5m    Close  400mm

   4:Simulation environment test: Light environment(Standard) Dark environment  

   5:Test-object form: Sinusoidal grating test-object

   6:Dark adaption test: Standard 5OS, 6 gears can be chosen

   7:Power supply:

   Input voltage                          220V

   Input frequency                        50/60Hz

   Input powe                             60VA

8:Size                                    520x 280x 420 mm

9:Weight                                 15KG


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